Saturday, 13 December 2014

Japanese Hair Straightening

Why Permanently Japanese Hair Straightening?
Chemically straightening your hair will rid it of kinks, curls and waves, leaving it poker straight, super silky, much more manageable and frizz free. Once hair is straightened, it can easily be arranged in whatever style you desire. One study showed that 75% of people are concerned about their curly or thick hair. The most common concern women have about their unruly hair is that it required to be restyled every morning, would get frizzy and uncontrollable after getting wet.

Why My Beauty Basics?
At My Beauty Basics we are committed to source top rated products and services. Stay up to date with relevant professional skills and ensure a transparent charging model. We have a fixed price charging model for all hair types and lengths without any hidden costs.
For your convenience below are a number of price plans you can choose to pay for your hair straightening service.